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Gallery of Dreams

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

If you build it they will come.

That is what a certain Kevin Costner heard in an Iowa corn field circa 1989, and what we heard in our hearts at Burien Pizzeria in 2019 when we decided to create the Heart Gallery. So we built it. Some people came. Not a lot. Then a pandemic hit. Things got weird.

Then the voice came again. This time in the middle of the night, when sleep was a no-show.

Go the Distance.

What does it mean? Well, if we are reading the whispery auditory hallucination correctly it means, hang in there, Mike and Heather the Heart Gallery will grow and thrive with time and dedication. Or in the words of Soul II Soul's Jazzy B, patience is a virtue, a wait won't hurt you, in the long run, it will serve you. Building a small business does just that. It asks you to leap, trust and then be patient as you hang mid air over a terrifying chasm.

It's beautiful up here though. A view like no other. One that requires faith and a willingness to keep your eyes pointed at the great prize. Not the reward of success but the many virtues that grow from such a pursuit.

Now, book some tickets so we can get some sleep and stop hearing things.

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