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​What is included with the price of admission?

Besides a good time and entertaining instruction, you will enjoy stretched canvas, plenty of paint, and quality brushes for your creativity to play with. Theme nights may include unique canvas options, so be sure to explore the description for any event you sign up to enjoy. The Heart Gallery Bar  is stocked with snacks, beer, wine and non-alcoholic options for purchase.

Can I bring food?

You are more than welcome to bring food, plates and cutlery to the Gallery,  or have your event catered.  We will provide tables, stools and beverages for purchase.

But, what will I wear?​

Acrylic paint is user friendly and ridiculously fun to play with.   However, it will not come out of clothing. Even if you try really hard and use expensive products created by a super team of chemists assembled by Martha Stewart and her laundry minions.  So come in play clothes.

Do You Take Walk In Guests?​

Reservations are required for all public paint n' sip events. However, Thursday nights from 8-11 you are free to drop in and purchase the canvas size of your choice and paint whatever you like. 


Is the Gallery available for private parties and corporate events?

Absolutely. The Heart Gallery can be all yours. Minimums apply.  Add ons available. 

What if I don't finish my painting in time?

You are welcome to bring your painting in any Thursday night to continue working on it free of charge.

What if I need to cancel or change my reservation?

We are happy to reschedule your visit if you are unable to keep your reservation as long as you provide 48 hour notice.  Two weeks notice is necessary for changes to group bookings to allow us time to post a public event in its place. 

Are there dinner options near by?

There are a plethora of dining options within walking distance of the Heart Gallery on both 153rd and 152nd. Fireside, Snack Gyro, The Point, 909, Centro, and Marlena's, just to name a few.  


Why is the Heart Gallery 21 and Over?

​​Unfortunately, the RCWs do not have a liquor license that fits the paint n' sip model. In lieu of having a one beverage limit or becoming a restaurant, we opted for a license where beer and wine could flow (responsibly). We hope one day to find a way to accommodate minors

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