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Do you want to become

a legend 
among your peers?  

Let us help you plan the perfect Holiday Party at the Heart Gallery! 



Step 1: Contact the Heart Gallery to Select Your Date and Time 

Step 2: Choose Your Canvas/Theme

Step 3: Select your add-ons

Step 4: Send personalized event page to your guests

Step 5: Enjoy the finest holiday party in the land

*Catering welcomed and accommodated.  Happy to suggest local vendors that can help. Chaffing dishes available for small fee.

**Venue also available for paint free events, if you would prefer a dance party or just a space to imbibe, mingle and

spread good cheer. 




$300 Deposit 

Refundable after painter minimum is reached

 $50 per painter peak hours


Includes 2 Hour Session + 1 hour for set up and take down


Minimum 15 painters -- Maximum 40 painters

60 guests w/o paint

Add-ons Available  


Poorly executed Santa -- $150

Live Music -- $300

(Subject to availability  Perfect for caroling.) 

Extra Time: $100 per hour flat rate

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