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What's and SEO? I want one!

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

It's safe to say that Mike and I have felt a lot like the monkeys in 2010 space odyssey when it comes to cyber publicity. I guess we thought if we built a website, we had slayed the dragon. But, apparently you can’t just put your dragon in the middle of town square and hope people see it. You have to tell Google the dragon is there and it is awesome.

How do a couple of primates get Google to favor their dragon? We have discovered one of the answers — Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How does one optimize a search engine, you ask? I was hoping we could just give it a bunch of compliments, but it appears to be more complicated than that. One of the 257 ways to get these engines to like you is to blog incessantly, so people will link your site to theirs thus making Google and its abundant algorithms believe that we deserve to be acknowledged in cyberspace. I am equal parts, weirded out and completely in awe of the entire process.

So, if you suddenly notice Mike and I posting content around the clock, like we are British Tabloid reporters monitoring Harry and Megan, just know that we are a couple of monkeys trying to break the internet.

We appreciate your readership and your patronage.

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