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What Can Van Dyke Brown do for you?

Now that King County has moved to phase II, we're ramping up to reopen for Valentine's Day weekend. It was easy to forget how many operational details go into promoting and hosting our events, and also easy to get discouraged by the plethora (shout out to El Guapo) of details. We found a little comfort today in this improbable journey by Micha Johnson.

You can paint Love Boats with us in person or on your own, while instructed by MC Phthalo (Heather) in a live and entertaining Zoomtastic event

Public and virtual paint and sip classes at the Heart Gallery Paint and Sip in Seattle
Love Boats

Here's what your to-go-kit for two looks like:

Fun fact, the chemical formula for Phthalocyanine Blue is C32H16CuN8. And now that you're burning with questions, here are your answers:

Yes we loved Breaking Bad. No, we're not as smart as Walter White. No, we don't cook meth. No, we don't use meth, having 4 kids and running a business keeps us high enough.

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