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Total Eclipse of the Art

I only draw stick figures.

This common refrain is often heard at the Heart Gallery by patrons who lack confidence in their ability to create. It is typically followed by nervous laughter and/or self deprecating humor.

I almost always respond with a simple inquiry.

Do you have a someone close to you in your life that is an artist? Rarely is the answer no.

So why is it that having a "super creative" person in your sphere causes such an eclipse? Perhaps it is because we so easily wander into another's shadow without realizing all we need do is step back into the light. And that is exactly what we do at the Heart Gallery. When we take a brush and dip it in color and apply it to the canvas we let courage take over.

So, if you believe you are ill equipped or safer in the shade, come to the Heart Gallery.

We'll leave the lights on for ya.


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