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It's Just A Business Baby.

Small business ownership is akin to raising a child.

It needs constant attention. It cries when you don't feed it money. It keeps you up at night. It wants you to take it places. It laughs at you when you are not keeping up with the latest trends. It needs your time and energy and unyielding support. It is anxiety provoking. It wants attention on social media. It makes you question your life choices. But, it also inspires you and challenges you to do better and be better. It wants to grow and become independent. It cares about its appearance and desires recognition. It wants to be successful. It wants to come first.

It is hard to raise four kids, 3 animals and a business. Because when it comes down to it, the business doesn't come first. It doesn't come last either. The hedgehog does. But, it definitely needs more nurture than it currently receives. What you feed grows, and so we must find a way to satiate our entrepreneurial offspring without starving the others so that it can grow and mature and be a blessing to our community, which is what we want for our kids too. And we will.

And so the Heart Gallery would like to recognize all the families that are about to send their kids back into the wild, and all the logistical madness and mayhem that comes with it, by inviting you to a Back to School, All Ages Paint and Sip at Logan Brewery tomorrow night. Let's paint and sip, and process all that this time of year brings. And in doing so, we will grow together!

Hope to see you there.

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