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The Story Was

They were parents of four. He worked for the man. She was at home with the kids.  He had dreamed of owning a small business. She wanted to paint and make people happy. They both wanted to get off the hamster wheel. After all, they weren't hamsters and she hated jogging. Together they decided to do life differently. She would create. He would administrate. And together they would make the Heart Gallery Paint and Sip!

That was then...  


As a result of the pandemic, The Heart Gallery story has come to a screeching halt.  He has returned to corporate sponsorship to provide for the family.  She has jumped back into domestic engineering to keep things afloat.   Both want to find a way to bring the Heart Gallery vision of creativity, connectedness, and joy back into existence without succumbing to the virtual.  It is a work in progress.


We hope to began hosting private events in the weeks to come, and return to public painting as soon as regulations allow. Our venue is still available for private rental. 

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