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Your Crew

Heather Pasley

Master of Ceremony and Instruction

Heather got a C in Mrs. Alhadeff's art class in the 8th grade. She gave her creativity another spin in college by taking an "Intro to Drawing" course, but ended the joy ride by dropping the course after her contour lines sketch was used as an example of "what not to do".  Although her confidence was shot in the visual arts department, she developed other skills over the years, like: teaching, mascotting, lawn mowing, impressions, emotional processing, and child rearing. But, the doodling never dwindled. Her husband noticed and encouraged her to have another go. So, while living abroad in Sydney, Australia, safely removed from the soul pummeling professor who stepped on her artistic dreams, and now deep in her thirties, she took a painting class.  She painted an onion. It looked like an onion. So much so it made her cry. Not really, but it was that good.  She had found her medium.  And ten years later, she would mix that medium with her love of teaching and her desire to bring joy to other humans.

CK Hernandez

Producer, Designer of Space and Time


CK and Heather met at the scene of a car accident in Federal Way, Washington (circa. 1989), but it turned out to be no accident at all. Their mutual love for Stevie Wonder, De La Soul and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese bonded them immediately. But it was their collective proclivity for making any situation that arose funny that made them best friends.

CK went on to be a hair stylist and interior designer, but always knew that one day she and Heather would put their quality banter to good use. And 30 years after their first clandestine encounter, they got to do just that.  

CK was the lead designer in the creation of the Heart Gallery and has been  instrumental in its upbringing. She will be your host, bartender, and hype-man. 

Mike Pasley

He's The Man


Mike Pasley made the bold move from the safe harbor of asset management to the exciting seas of neophyte entrepreneurship, giving up a corporately sponsored life in favor of an undeniably more risky and  soulful endeavor. He brought the design team's dreams to life via extensive manual labor, and continues to  be the Gallery's handyman.  Mike also captains the ship by putting all the administrative skills he learned on the trading floor to use -- so there's nothing but smooth sailing for all our guests! Mike puts the HE in HEart Gallery.

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